291272963_3382100095337466_432810154022261873_n.jpgLong time no speak. It's been a while since we updated you all on the Library’s stuff but a lot has been going on. 


We have several interns working with the company on various projects from business to carbon savings to marketing (Hi, that’s me!). They have been doing some excellent work that will all be revealed soon...


We have procured a number of items since our last blog. We have received a wealth of donations from members of the community from ice picks to an xbox. We now have a list of wanted items on our website that members of the community have asked to be stocked in the Library. 


Since we last spoke we have been featured in a couple news articles, been interviewed on BBC Radio Humberside and have secured £1500 in funding from the Tesco community grant in order to create a collection of STEM toys in the library. We want these to be well-used by the community - so the community is going to choose them!! Stay tuned for our surveys and social media posts to contribute your ideas to what can go in the Library. 


We recently made an appearance at Ella Street Festival on the 2nd July 2022. This was a fantastic day and it was great to speak to so many new and familiar faces. Some of the activities available on the day included, a silent disco, bushcraft, tug of war, clothes swaps, tarot readings and so much more. We had lots of people come up to our stall and enquire about the library, it is so exciting to hear positive feedback from the community. So many people came over especially to tell us what a great idea it is and ask how they can participate in the movement. It is wonderful to know that there are so many people who want to make use of the library and now that they know it is here we hope to expand our community.


We are hoping to keep in touch here regularly so do watch this space. We have missed you!

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