As seen on BBC Morning Live!!
We had a visit from the Production Team at BBC Morning Live who created a short video on the Library of Stuff.

Starting at point 17:25 see it here:- on BBC iPlayer 

Or see it here on Youtube


As Seen on Channel 4!

The Library of Stuff was featured on Stephs Packed Lunch during a segment about borrowing instead of buying!

We sent them our record player to kit out a room with things you can borrow instead of buying.

Interview with Hull Is This, talking about the Library and why We started it.




**Now complete** We would really appreciate your views! Only three questions and one question is related to sharing and repairing. The Climate Assembly are looking for group responses to a survey, If you can complete this by 19th Nov, I will submit our communities views on the subject on the 20th Nov.


Climate Assembly UK Survey


Thanks to all 69 people who voted! The projector screen won with 28% then the bike trailer and compactor with 20% we put the bike trailer second, due to getting there first. 4th was the badge maker




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