At the library we are all about sustainability. By sharing resources we can reduce our spending, reduce the amount of stuff we have and help to protect the environment. There are a whole bunch of businesses around Hull with the same goals in mind and you might not know about them. Never fear, we are here to direct you to some excellent places that can save you some money and protect the planet. 

The library

Now this one is quite obvious and we assume you already know about it but we wouldn’t be the Library of Stuff without endorsing ACTUAL libraries. There are 12 local libraries in Hull and it is completely free to sign up AND you can borrow as much as you want. Get those summer reading lists sorted. Sign up here

Refill stations

Getting sick and tired of constantly buying new bottles of shampoo and washing up liquid? You don't have to -  there are a number of refill stations around the area where you can buy the bottle once and then keep refilling. It reduces waste AND saves you money in the long run.

Grain wholefood store: organic produce and washing supplies.

Leafy Seadragon Refill: refills everything from dry produce to household cleaning supplies by delivery.

The Refill Jar: zero waste EVERYTHING.

The Body Shop: have their own shower product refill station in St Stephens shopping centre so you buy one bottle for life.

Lush: a lot of zero waste products and they give you money for returning the containers one you have used the product.

Repair cafes 

Beverley repair cafeThese brilliant businesses aim to help repair broken items that otherwise might end up in landfill. There are lots around the country and can help to give your ‘stuff’ a new lease of life. 

Timebank Hull & East riding: a nifty organisation that trades an hour of your time for an hour of someone else's. Learn a new skill and help someone learn one back - no money required.

Second hand shops

There are a wealth of second hand shops in Hull from charity to vintage where you can find some real gems for an amazing price. 

See this map to find the ones near you


Good Luck Eco–Warriors :)

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