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A Not for Profit Community Interest Company

The ethos of the Library of Stuff

Prevent the need to buy things

Reduce the need to own stuff

Sharing of resources of the planet

Join a Sharing Community

Reducing Waste, CO2 & Impact on Climate Change

There is a better way, borrow don't buy

How does it work?

It's simple. You sign up for £1 and can borrow any of our items for a small fee for a week. See more

Where are you located?

Our new location is at the Community Centre near the Hall Road Roundabout on Endike Lane; you can see the exact location here.

What are the benefits?

The library aims to be affordable and space saving - you can borrow an item at a fraction of it's buying price and not have to worry about storing it at home. By using the library you are preventing over consumption of goods which reduces your carbon footprint and saves the environment! Read our impact reports to see how the library is helping the community

What items do you have?

We have a huge range of items available to borrow from DIY to gardening to party supplies. Our range is constantly growing thatnks to donations from the community. See our full catalogue here.

Do you accept donations?

Yes we accept donations of items that are in good working order and are no longer used. We have a wanted list of items that have been requested by the community, and we are also looking for volunteers who are willing to donate their time. 


Thanks to Unity in Community we have been featured in a Hull Live article celebrating some good news stories around East Yorkshire.

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It's Official, we opened 18 months ago!! Thanks to the community of 820 registered users we have lent out over 932 items and 782 consumables to the Community collectively saving £49,102. See the full report here Impact Reports




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Our brilliant community often donates some amazing items to us, here are just a few.